Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

1.  Always keep your vacuum cleaner in good condition cleaning filters regularly, and renewing brushes when needed. 87% off dirt can be removed through vacuuming alone.

sebo vacuum cleaner

vacuuming carpet with a sebo 36

2.  Blot spills DO NOT SCRUB or you will cause fiber damage

3.  Only ever rinse a stain with COLD water then BLOT, especially for blood spills as hot water will set the stain.

4.  Cream or light coloured carpets DO NOT wear black socks when walking around the home the dye will transfer onto the carpet the same is true with black foamed soled slippers.

5.  Black marks around the edges and under doorways (Draught marks). To avoid these lightly brush the area with a nail brush before Vacuuming.

stain removal

flush the area using plain water to remove all residue

6.  When cleaning Your carpet with a domestic wet and dry carpet cleaner see here for instructions 7.  When cleaning stairs with the above method DO NOT over wet the bottom 3 stairs as this will cause wick back where the under lying dirt wicks back into the fibers of the carpet causing staining

Half cleaned stairs

Half finished stair Cleaning

8.  After cleaning carpets always leave doors and windows open ,the moisture needs to escape. Wool carpets will give off a wet doggie smell this is normal and will disappear after completely drying .

9.  Steam mops are very popular DO NOT use them on Carpet it WILL damage them.

10.  Hire a professional carpet Cleaner at least every 18 months to do your Carpets .They have the right solutions and industrial equipment to keep your carpets looking their best .

Vw Caddy carpet cleaning van

Vw Caddy carpet cleaning van


4 responses to “Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

  1. I agree that all mentioned steps are very fruitful from all aspects for a home owner to gain awareness regarding carpet cleaning process. Many times it is advisable to hire a professional carpet cleaner for the process


  2. Hi Neil,

    As we discussed earlier, I would like to share My Alarm Center’s resource on ways to avoid flooding so people can prevent having damaged property.

    The link is below:


  3. Great post! Been reading a lot about cleaning my carpet. Thanks for the info!


  4. My wife and I want to get our carpets cleaned for an upcoming party, but we aren’t sure where to start. I like your point about hiring a carpet cleaning service every 18 months or so. Having someone with industrial equipment sounds like a great way to keep our carpets looking brand new.

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