The best way to deep clean a heavily soiled carpet

This is by far the best way to clean heavily soiled carpets.
The carpet is vacuumed very thourghly ,that is north ,south east west, to remove all loose soil particles which an account for up to 70% of the dirt.
Stage 2 and this is very important , you must choose a pre condtioning spray that suits the soiling conditions.
In this case we used a Shockwave formulation which is great for the treatment of heavy grease and organic soiling, and does not contain harsh solvents or caustics. this is then sprayed onto the carpet and left to dwell for 20 to 30 minutes this allows the solution time to break down all the organic soiling and grease .
After the dwell time the solution is agited into the carpet with a rotary machine with a carpet brush attached,which aides the removal of all dirt and grease from the fibres this also aides the encapsulation process.
Once this stage is complete a hwe Machine is used to flush out all the solution containing the dirt , carpets rinsed this way are generally dry in about 7 to 8 hours . alliteratively the final process can be done by bonnet mopping which i will explain in my next blog

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