Before and after photos

Below is a few of the carpets we have cleaned this year 20130408-081100.jpg 20130408-081204.jpg 20130408-081223.jpg 20130408-081236.jpg



carpet cleaned in barnsley

A 80/20 wool carpet restored


20130408-081401.jpg 20130408-081418.jpg 20130408-081441.jpg 20130408-081509.jpg 20130408-081521.jpg 20130408-081538.jpg 20130408-081551.jpg 20130408-081624.jpg 20130408-081646.jpg 20130408-081753.jpg 20130408-081824.jpg 20130408-081840.jpg 20130408-081906.jpg 20130408-081944.jpg 20130408-082001.jpg 20130408-082033.jpg 20130408-082058.jpg 20130408-082127.jpg 20130408-082201.jpg 20130408-082234.jpg 20130409-155109.jpg

By Neil Kelloway


One response to “Before and after photos

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    I would like to say thanks a lot for sharing a great information about carpet cleaning. I read your blog and got clear understanding about carpet cleaning through profession and latest technology.


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