Carpet cleaning Methods

There is 4 basic ways to clean carpets and then a few that are variations of each one.
The one thing they all have in common is that the carpet must be Thoroughly vacuumed before any of the other stages take place. This should be completed with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a beater bar , and should be vacuumed north south and west east using a slower than normal action this is so the maximum amount of soil is removed ,which by most reports is up to 84% of loose soil

1. Steam cleaning process

Referred to as Hot water extraction by professional carpet cleaners.In this process the carpet is first pre-sprayed with a solution and left to dwell that breaks down the soils and grease which are present in the carpet fibers. Water is heated in a large machine up to 90 degrees this is near boiling point this water is then injected at up to 300 psi into the carpet fibers and instantly sucked back into the machine taking with it all the residue that the pre spray has loosened and broken down. Due to the heat of the water and the strong vacuums your carpet will be left only slightly damp

Steam cleaning a carpet

Steam cleaning a carpet

Good points

  • Removes deep based soiling from carpet
  • The best process for deep and thorough cleaning of carpets
  • The high pressure and hot water gives excellent cleaning power
  • This is the preferred method recommended by carpet manufacturer’s and professional cleaners

Bad points

  • Longer drying times , but this can be reduced with the use of fans and good ventilation
  • Relatively high cost factors, for machinery

2. Bonnet cleaning

This method uses a absorbent pad and a prey-spray.

The solution is allowed to stay on the carpet for a suitable dwell time.
The bonnet is placed on the carpeted area and a rotary machine is then placed on top ,it is then spins a up to 200 rpm and absorbs all the dirt and stains into the pad

bonnet cleaning

appying bonnet to rotary machine before cleaning a carpet

Good points

  • Easy system to use, covers large areas fast
  • Great results on lightly soiled carpets
  • Keeps costs down
  • Stops wick back (where stains re-appear after wet cleaning)

Bad points

  • Only cleans top third of carpet
  • Leaves deep down dirt in carpet

3. Dry cleaning absorbent compound
How it works
Granules that have been soaked in a solvent mixture are spread onto a carpet and brushed into the fibers using a counter rotating machine.
The granules are left to dwell while they breaking down all the organic soiling and stains , then absorbing it all int the granules these are then vacuumed up

Dry compound

dry compound for cleaning carpets

Good points
A very easy system to use with very little risk of damage.
Fast drying times ,carpets are back in use in under 30 minutes

Bad points

  • Powder can be missed and left behind in the carpet fibers
  • It wont deep clean the carpet

4. Dry foam or shampoo

A foaming solution is sprayed onto the carpet and wipped into a foam by a rotary machine, after the foam has absorbed all the dirt and stains and dried it is vacuumed up.

dry foam carpet leaning

cleaning a carpet using the foam method

Good points

  • Covers large areas fast and effectively
  • Brushes on the rotary give good agitation for removing soil
  • This is a very good method for large areas and drys fast

Bad points

  • cleaning dose not reach deep down into the carpet pile
  • Over wetting can occur through faulty machinery and over application

By Neil Kelloway

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