Salvaging Trashed carpets in Wakefield

Salvaging Trashed Carpets in Wakefield

restored stairs carpet

restored stairs carpet

How do we manage to restore carpets that have been abused like this in wakefield

It starts with a process , with carpets this bad we need to break out some serious solutions.

This is our step by step guide .

  1. Brush stairs down with a stiff brush getting into all the edges           (use softer on wool)
  2. Vacuum the stairs again paying attention to the edges , using a grout brush to get into the gaps  grout brush
  3. Mix up your pre-spray in this case shockwave was mixed hand hot water any hotter and it will slow down the active enzymes 15ml to 1 litre.
  4. spray the stairs so that enough product is released to cover all the fibre starting from the top to the bottom .                   IMG_0423
  5. Return to the top of the stairs and using a oreck with a green stiff brush work your way down agitating the prespray .
  6. Leave to Dwell in this case a good 30 minutes
  7. Begin extracting from the top using a hand tool and flushing well then finishing of with drying strokes the bull noses can be finished off with the end off the hose . I use a magma heater to heat the rinse water this gets up to 110 degrees
  8. check the stairs for and spot , paint stains etc and treat accordingly using your stain kit mainly I use citrus gel and a form of solvent   (some do this at the beginning but I leave it to last as a lot will come out with the process) always flush treated areas well and keep solvents away from the carpet backing .
  9. Finish off by towelling them down

Stairs are hard work and remember the bottom 3 treads take a lot of wear and the backing can get impacted with dry soiling so don’t over wet the treads or you will get wick back.

We cover all areas of wakefield , Stanley ferry , East ardsley.Thornes,Hobury .Sandel ,Kettlethorpe,Newmiller Dam ,Dewsbury,Ossett 

We also do commercial wok in wakefield offices ,shops ,factories ,schools, leisure centres Dr surgeries.


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