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Stain Removal : Blood ,Tea,Coffee ,Wax,Nail Varnish,Mascara

Here is a list of techniques that could help remove stains from your carpets and rugs.

Remember there is no guarantees that it will work so always proceed with caution, a lot of stain removal success is down to a lot of variables, ie; type of fiber ,hot or cold tea,coffee,how much was spilled , the carpet backing etc


  • First thing (PPE ) personal protection equipment, gloves and mask if possible and thoroughly disinfect all equipment used during this procedure
  • The first thing to do with blood is blot up the excess with kitchen towel ,and seal in a disposable bag.
  • Once it is all disposed of start to treat the stained area .Rinse the area with cold water using a wet extraction machine. if you haven’t got one spray heavily with cold water and blot keep doing this until no blood is appearing on your blotting towel.
  • If a stain is still present treat with a enzyme stain treatment, mix it with warm water not hot. and apply  to area and leave for 10 minutes then rinse again with a detergent as enzymes can set of asthma attacks so proceed with caution .If a orange haze is left then a treatment of rust remover may help to remove this .
  • Blood stains may reappear this is due to wick back , re clean the area and dry with fans or a hair dryer  as quickly as possible,taking care not to get to close or you will scorch the fibers

Blood covered sofa


If you spill hot tea on a wool carpet there is  a 95%  chance that it is permanent .

  •  Blot, the area removing all tea , Do Not Rub as this will cause fibre distortion
  • spray area with cold water , to rinse area and bot or extract using a wet extraction machine .
  • Apply any detergent available and spray the area and repeat rinse procedure.

If there is still staining use hydrogen peroxide and 5 %  ammonia.(with caution) spray the area and let it dwell for up to a  2 to 3 hours .once completed rinse the area as above.

Nail Varnish 

  •  Pour some acetone in a dish

    Red Nail Varnish

    Removing Nail polish with acetone

  • Blot up  larger pools with a tissue
  • Using a ear bud dip it in the acetone and gentle work it into the varnish blotting it out ,careful not to spread the stain  or wet the carpet backing repeat until all gone
  • Rinse the area with a mild detergent


Mascara is oil based , so good old white spirit will sort it

  • white spirits applied to a white towel then blot the area avoiding getting any white spirits on the carpet backing
  • Rinse  area with mild detergent when finished

How to remove a Blood Stain Dried or fresh

Blood Stain Removal 

This week the main topic amongst carpet cleaners has been the best way to remove blood stains, this has mainly to do with dried blood stains .

I will list here what I think are the best solutions first.    Never apply Hot Water to blood it will set the stain

  1. If You Have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner extract it using this then rinse with cold water until clear.Just blot with cotton towelling if you haven’t got a wet vac.
  2. if it has dried and flushing it with cold water has left a red mark , mix some enzyme detergent (Ariel,Daz,Tide) in warm water and allow to cool , apply this once cooled  and allow to dwell.
  3. Sometimes a slight orange hew is left this is the iron from the blood this can be removed with application of rust remover.
  4. If this fails use some peroxide 3%to 9% and let it dwell , keep a eye on it as it will bleach if left to long ,this works best on lighter coloured carpets .
Blood stain on a suite

Dried in Blood contamination

Dried blood stain removed from suite

Blood removed after above procedure

By Neil Kelloway