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Encapsulation cleaning

Prochem pro35

Prochem pro 35 crb that is specifically made for wet or dry cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning

What is encapsulation cleaning ?

Its a process of removing or trapping or encapsulating soil in a polymer or crystal film ,this polymer drys encasing the soil, and this allows  the soil and contaminates to be vacuumed away in the next normal cleaning programme.


encapsulation chemicals incorporate a crystallizing  polymer that resists re-soiling better than traditional detergent based chemicals.

Old type carpet detergents act like a magnet and , attract dirt after the cleaning. New  encapsulation detergents are made up of polymers that crystalize. the polymer dries to a brittle consistency that wont attract soil .Lots of the new encaps have built in soil retarders that stop rapid resoiling and keep fibres cleaner longer.They also have a deoderiser incorporated into the product ,which leaves carpets not only looking great but also smelling fresh.

The Advantages 

  • It dries very quickly short pile fibers typically dry in under 30 minutes.
  • It eliminates problems with recurring spills and wick back

    Commercial carpet cleaning

    heavily soiled carpet cleaned using Encapsulation Method

  • Prevents rapid resoiling.
  • The  cleaning process is quicker than Hwe.
  • The machinery is portable (oreck)


  • Electric sprayer or good pump up sprayer
  • Slow speed rotary
  • oreck
  • op Machine
  • Prochem Pro 35  or any contra rotating brush machine (CRB)
    Oreck orbitor

    the oreck orbiter , used mainly in domestic situations

    sebo duo

    used for lighter cleaning in domestic situations

  • Carpet brush
  • Commercial grade vacuum cleaner


  Encapsulation Chemicals    

  • Dynamall
  • Fusion Clean (Solutions Cornwall)
  • Realist
  • chemspec
  • Prochem
  • Hydramaster
office carpet cleaning

Low profile carpet endcapped

Cleaning Process 

My aim before applying any encap solution is to remove the maximum amount of dry soil from the carpet .

  • This is accomplished by using a crb on the dry carpet ,then all edges are brushed out using a edging brush ,
  • We then give the carpet a thorough vacuuming both north, west, east, and south ways.
  • Next stains,draught marks and chewing gum are treated and removed
  • The solution is then mixed up as per instructions
  • It is then sprayed over a fixed area of about 10 to 20 sq yards depending on humidity as we don’t want it to dry out , it is then left to dwell for the recommended time usually 5 mins.
  • we then run a rotary over the solution using a pad working in a overlapping fashion going left to right then up and down if needed .Air movers can be used at this point to speed up the drying process
  • Once completed a post vacuum  is needed when dry ,this can be completed by the customer or in house cleaners . I like to do this myself before I leave if possible


Host Cleaning

‘Host’ is a trade name for a company that uses Micro sponges to clean carpets and rugs using the VLM (very low moisture) system.

This system uses the contra rotating brush machine to agitate the sponges into the carpet after a good vacuuming.

Heavily soiled areas and stains are treated with the appropriate pre spray (lightly) prior to laying down the sponges this is to give the pre spray adequate dwell time to break down stains

After the sponges have been applied (about a good handful per sq metre) they are allowed to absorb all the dry soil and stains that have been broken down, they are simple vacuumed away .

Here is a Host video demonstration using a combined vac and brush machine