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New Carpet Cleaning System

I have been cleaning carpets for over 10 years Now , and unlike lots of carpet cleaners I have tried lots of different systems .

Most systems years ago relied on a in tank  cleaning solution the same as Rug Dr and home cleaners use still .

This system has many pitfalls 

  • The detergent has no time to dwell on the carpet fibres
  • There is a good chance of rapid re-soiling due to residue being left in the carpet
  • There is no heaters to aid cleaning power, in these smaller machines
  • Detergents are not always equipped to deal with the lots of different stains in carpets

The system we Use is the most thorough we have used.

11 step system

  1. Determine the construction of the carpet ie: wool, polypropylene , Nylon
  2. Vacuum the carpet in a very slow manner north south then east west , up to 80% of dirt is dry and can be recovered using this method
  3. Move all furniture as drafts in the home leave dust and debris under sofas and chairs
  4.  We Apply a specialist sourced carpet cleaning solution that has been thoroughly tested by us. and is a great all rounder for breaking down stains.odours and soiling
  5. Dwell time , we have found that this is one of the most over looked part of the system solutions what ever they are need time to work , the heavier the soiling the longer is needed . 20 minutes to a hour is needed .
  6. Agitation, this is needed to make sure all the fibres are coated with the solution and aides the breaking down of soils and stains .
  7. Re application of the solution as not all soils are broken down by the first application and some of the solution has evaporated during stage 5 and 6
  8. Extraction using Very Hot water and a extraction solution that deodorises and ph balances the carpet so that no soil attracting residue is left behind
  9. Spot treatment, any spots left behind are treated with a stain removing solution then rinsed.
  10. Then we groom the carpet to aide drying
  11. Finally depending on the carpet fibres construction especially wool we dry with large fans this stops wick back

By Neil Kelloway