Websites and how to rank No1

As a complete novice i started with the cheapest website i could get which at the time was with pixel internet.
I chose a Domin name that said exactly what we did , we lived in Barnsley and we did carpet and Upholstery cleaning so I chose .
This was my first lucky decision as i can now see that it is a quicker way to rank highly
Next bought hosting of pixel and didn’t apply any flash to my pages as it would slow load times down .

The total cost so far has been about £35 .
I have linked in youtube videos onto the website and also attached a wordpress blog.

When ever i have had spare time i have added pages and content at regular intervals and also added my page to every relevant free directory I could to build up my back links, this was helped by using , this site shows you where your competitors get there back links so all you have to do is get better ones than them add good content target the right keywords for you target market.

For key word research i use Adwords keyword tool , if you are in a highly competitive market chose a keyword that is only searched about 20% of the time as this will make it easier to rank.

Seo is needed to continue to rank, if a site is left to stagnate it will side down the rankings

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