A day out in Rotherham

What a first Job of the day a carpet where she had poured neat detergent all over the carpet thinking more is better , it was black ,No wonder it was like a foam party in Japanese whispers.

Then the rest had fecal matter in the Carpet, I told col it was chocolate as he gets a little Gippy with owt like that, i did Gip a bit myself when he put his finger in it to test it ,all i could do is recite to myself A “finger o’ Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat,
I started cleaning the carpet and it was cleaning lovely , as i got closer to the cupboard I could hear a noise “Is that you i asked Colin ” No “not me he replied ” I said to the woman there’s a noise coming from your cupboard “Oh that will be buster my staffy, I shut him in there out off the way” Well I never !!
There is more but me and Colin have taken the carpet cleaners oath of what ever happens on duty stays on Duty.http://barnsleycarpetandupholsterycleaners.co.uk/about.html


By Neil Kelloway

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