Commercial Carpet Cleaning


When we ventured into the commercial world of carpet cleaning , we were very  pleased to get the contract for Barnsley Academy  as it tested our Dry Clean System to the Max, and it came out with flying colours .

It Meant that large areas of the college were not out of action for long periods whilst it dried, The carpets were dry  Cleaned, Deodorised, Stain Blocked And Dry In well under a hour.

How do we do it

No 1  we vacuum the area very slowly and thoroughly, this removes upto 60 to 70% of the dry soiling in the carpet, we have found that even when cleaners are contracted to do this their vacuum cleaners are not upto the job as they dont empty the machines/Bags so they lose suction , the brushes are worn and the filters are blocked up filters.

No 2 We choose a suitable pre-conditioning solution that is suitable for the carpet construction and the needs of the customer, on most jobs we use a specialist  encapsulation product which cleans Deodorise’s,  and stain blocks in one process.

This is sprayed onto the carpet and left to dwell for 15 to 20 mins then agited    with a heavy duty industrial rotary machine this loosens and removes any greasy marks and caked on deposits.

No 3 we attached thick cotton bonnets to the rotary machine and it is moved across the sprayed area ,this absorbs all the organic soling and oily residue, whilst also drying the carpet at the same time this process avoids wick back , dampness, mould and saturated carpets

By Neil Kelloway

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