Cheap carpet cleaning

We all like a bargain ,but if it seems to good to be true then generally it isn’t as good a deal as you first thought.

When a professional  carpet cleaner cleans your carpet, they will adhere to their basic training and follow a standard procedure for cleaning carpets

  1.  Check the construction of the fibre used in your carpet,by mean of a burns test, as wool shouldn’t be cleaned at above 55dg.
  2.  Vacuum your carpet thoroughly, with a comercial vacum cleaner with a beater bar.
  3. Apply a preconditioned solution best suited to the level of soiling on your carpet and its construction.
  4.  Agitation :after allowing the pre conditioner a suitable dwell time they will agitate the solution into the fibres using a mechanical device such as a rotary or crb (counter rotating brush machine ).
  5.  Dwell Timeafter another short dwell time extraction can be completed using only  plain hot water in some instances a acid rinse we be added to balance out the ph of the fibers.
  6.  GroomedIt will then be groomed and  dried using large floor fans to assist evaporation .

Bad points to look out for 

  • Small under powered machines that don’t  recover enough moisture and leave your carpets wet for long periods.
  • High PH detergents that strip wool carpets of their natural oils , this is what makes them re-soil quickly
  • Bait and switch , where they quote you a low price , but Once in your home add extras, that professionals include.

By Neil Kelloway

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