£10 Per Room Carpet cleaning (Ho Ho Ho)

Christmas is coming ! Do you believe in Santa ? and do you Do you believe that anyone can come to your house and deep clean your carpets For £10 or £20 and stay in business?


Lets Just study the photo above ,

  1. Van £10,000
  2. Alltec Hot water extraction machine £2000
  3. Taski Ranger Low Moisture Rotary Up to £2000 for full kit
  4. Sebo Vacuum Cleaner £380
  5. Then there is solutions and spotters ,extra tools insurance ,pipes extra spotters.
  6. Marketing £2000

As you can see that is over £16,000 and that isn’t a lot compared to Larger firms .

So you can see its impossible to run a business on cleaning carpets at £10 a room.

The only way they can do it is

  1. Add high Ph detrgent to their hot water extraction machine, this damages wool fibers
  2. Add on costs that they never mentioned on the Phone
  3. Use small under powered machines that leave the dirt still in the
    rapid resoiled carpet

    This carpet was cleaned, by a £10 a room cleaner , As you can see, a high a ph solution was used and not acid rinsed adequately to balanced out the ph

    carpets and wet for days.

  4. Use cheap detergent that causes rapid re-soiling , some even use Daz
  5. Have no training
  6. Complete jobs as fast as they can

Remember always use a fully trained carpet cleaner , as anything less could end up costing you more than £10

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