Why Does My carpet get dirty so fast after I have Cleaned it?

Why Does Your carpet get dirty so fast after You have Cleaned it?


The reason is Two things

 No 1. chemical application, Most household cleaners and rug doctors advise putting the chemical into the rinse water tank.

This leaves residue in your carpets which becomes sticky ,then you walk on it and the dirt sticks to the carpet

No 2. Your machine doesn’t have the power or flushing capabilities that a professional machine has,the power in a pro machine allows for all the detergent and dirt to be flushed away also a professional carpet cleaner will add a acid rinse to his water which will neutralise any detergent in the carpet bringing it to a safe ph level.

Cheap carpet cleaners

If you see ads for cheap carpet cleaning, avoid this as they use high ph cleaners that are way to soapy, and low powered machines that don’t deep clean your carpets or rinse away all that soap they have put in your carpets , 

If you think it looks clean when they have done ,thats because the product they use has a product in it called optical brighteners which reflect the light back at you this doesn’t last long as the residue is sticky and attracts dirt






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