Dry Carpet cleaning

I,ve got a dry carpet clean to perform today in hoyland near wombwell , and I must say it never ceases to amaze me how well it works .

I really dont know why I don’t use it all the time as it cures a lot of issues (wick Back) that Hwe (hot water extraction ) can cause if not used correctly.

The solution i am using today is called Dynamall which is a encapsulation product .

First I will vac the carpet very slowly and thoroughly ,once that is completed i will mix the Dynamall at 10-1 ratio in hand hot water ,then apply it liberally and allow to dwell for 5 mins .

I then use a slow speed 175 rpm buffer with a shampoo brush or crb  and begin to agite the solution into the carpet ,the product mixes its self with any remaining dirt and encapsulates it drying to a polymer which is then vacuumed up at the next clean.

sometimes I finish off with a pad on the buffer this helps with drying time but generally most carpets are dry in under a hour

This product also breaks down stains using oxi-boost and deodorises and also stain guards once dry all in one process.

coffee stain removal

Coffee stain removed using Dynamall dry carpet cleaning solution

Dry Cleaned Carpet

dry cleaned carpet using Dynamall


God I love LM (Low Moisture)


By Neil Kelloway



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