Using a Magma heater and Airflex extractor to Deep clean upholstery in Rotherham

We managed to clean this Suite back to nearly new by using micro splitters which is a eco product that is non detergent based cleaning solution.
We also invested in a small box that you may notice in front of our new upholstery machine it’s called a magma heater , and it Instantly heats the water used to rinse out the dirt, grease and head oils up to 110 degrees, which is steaming hot. this little box cost over £500 and it’s great at cutting through those grease and oils.

if you ever wondered how some carpet cleaners charges can vary so much well this is the reason they buy cheap solutions. and cheap underpowered machines that don’t deep clean or extract all the moisture, so you end up with a cheap job with poor results. we stive to invest in products that are the best that are available , so we are constantly looking for new solutions , more powerful machines , so that we can deliver a quality service that keeps customer returning year after year.

Magma heater and Airflex extractor

Magma heater and Air flex extractor.
Used on a suite clean in south yorkshire

Sofa Cleaned before and after photo

Two seater sofa cleaned using non detergent based upholstery solution

Heres another that we cleaned in Wakefield

Upholstery cleaning

A Flat weave sofa before and after cleaning


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