Carpet Cleaning from arriving to finishing

This is a brief outline of how to clean a carpet from arriving at the customers Door 

  1. Knock on the door , and take two paces back , no one likes someone in their face 
  2. Introduce yourself and confirm that work that is to be carried out 
  3. Inspect all carpets and identify what the construction is , wool, nylon, polypropylene etc do a burn test if needed
  4. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly noting any burns, stains , bad fitting or areas of concern and point these out to the customer before starting to apply pre-spray.
  5. choose the solution best suited to the carpet to be cleaned On wool I nearly always use a wool safe product which is low ph. mix your  chosen solution fresh every time with warm to hot water unless direction say otherwise. always follow dilution guides 
  6. Spray the solution onto the carpet( apply more to the dirtier areas and less to the clean areas) and allow to dwell for a few minutes then agitate using either a carpet brush or use a crb, sebo duo or rotary with a shampoo brush attached , then allow to dwell a further 10 to 15 mins . check all the edges for draught marks and agitate 
  7. Set up your equipment  adding acid rinse to your tank if needed , and then begin extracting using over lapping with your wand and use plenty of dry strokes 
  8. Once completed check for any stains left and and filter lines that are left apply separate solutions to this if not completely gone such as prochem filter out, always flush out any other product you apply to the carpet
  9. Groom the carpet and dry using turbo Dryers if needed

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