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Rapid resoiling

These stairs have been cleaned by the home owner with shop purchased carpet cleaning detergent.

rapid re-soiling due to detergent residue being left in the carpet

rapid re-soiling due to detergent residue being left in the carpet

This seems to work at first but within hours the carpet fibers become sticky, attracting dirt to the fibers .

this is due to not flushing out the detergent with a fresh water rinse with some added white vinegar ,this will help rinse out detergent residue , you wouldn’t wash your hair then not rinse it.

The same is true with your laundry that is why your rinse cycle takes so long .

Professional carpet cleaners use non detergent based cleaners,  if a detergent based one is needed then it is rinsed out of your carpet using a high powered hot water extraction machine .

stairs Cleaned by

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By Neil Kelloway

How I became a Carpet Cleaner

Hi I first started carpet cleaning around 2002 after looking into doing window cleaning , but luckily i met a man called Martin Riley he had just transferred from reach and wash window cleaning and convinced me that carpet cleaning was the way to go as it was indoor work (good point).

And i’m glad i took Martins advice because carpet cleaning is a passion of me , and I think that is the root of all success you have to have passion for the job you do .

My first years carpet cleaning were in Cornwall which would see me travelling from port Isaac  to st Ives on the same day after 10 years of that I moved back to Royston and set up a working partnership with my best friend Colin Phillips.

We then set up Barnsley Carpet and upholstery cleaners , why Barnsley ? not Sheffield , Wakefield , Leeds Doncaster all bigger population , well its because we love barnsley people, anyone who has met me and Colin we know we like a laugh and we’ve found that so do Barnsley folk , so why travel .

Together we have developed our own system of carpet cleaning that cleans better than ever using new  solution technology developed by a company based in Cornwall, using their solutions and our application system we can have carpets clean fresh and dry in under a hour