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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

This Blog will be about all the solution I have used or am using at the moment , and the way I use them .

My first choice is:



A eco friendly carpet cleaning solution

Mpower is my go to solution for the vast number of jobs that I do from Upholstery to pure wool Rugs.

The first product in the M-Power Range, which has been produced following extensive research and development by Solutions Ltd is manufactured here in the UK and meets or exceeds all currently known domestic and international regulatory standards.

It is therefore one of the most Eco-friendly cleaning solutions available with today’s technology. M-Power has been tested to ensure that all compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the operator or the environment are not present in this unique formulation.

Every product in the M-Power range uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. The result of this new technology is an amazing range of environmentally friendly and biologically active cleaning solutions, which clean without compromising performance or safety. Derived from renewable sources, M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is safe in use, storeage and disposal.

This unique product dilutes at an unbelievable 1:120 for normal carpet cleaning and provides a solution for environmentally aware companies and customers who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions in the cleaning process. Manufactured from 100% natural plant based materials.

M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, is:

  • Derived from renewable/sustainable sources
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Exhibits anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties thanks to its unique natural-molecular cleaning action.
  • Non-toxic to humans and pets
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Non-reactive with chemicals, such as chlorine bleach
  • Non-caustic – Non-combustible – Non-corrosive – Non-flammable – Non-fuming – Non-hazardous – Non-polluting

M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner contains:

  • NO ammonia
  • NO animal products
  • NO Bacteria or Enzymes
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO isopropyl alcohol
  • NO phosphates
  • NO solvents (apart from water)
  • NO synthetic chemicals
  • NO harmful ingredients
  • NO Soap or detergents

Mpower is best used fresh on each job due to its colloidal action .

I mix up my solution on the job with hand hot water and for general cleaning Mix it at 120/1.

After vacuuming the carpet or upholstery I then liberally spray the item with Mpower ,I then proceed with agitation this is to give a even coat to all the fibres of the active solution on carpets I use mechanical agitation with either a oreck or crb machine .

I have found that a 20 to 25 min dwell works best on most jobs , once the dwell is completed I then Extract Using Just Plain water ,which then leaves no sticky  residue that other detergent based solutions can .

Here is a picture of a carpet cleaned using Mpower

Mpower at work in wakefield

wool carpet cleaned using Mpower a eco friendly carpet cleaning solution

Hard Floor Care & Maintenance Course

A few weeks ago I attended a hard floor and Maintenance course at restormate headquarters based in cramlington .

Restormate Run by John and Lynn Kelly is a  supplier of all carpet cleaning sundries and equipment that covers all of the uk online and is based in the North East .

John was a one time a carpet cleaner himself and has a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to give good solid advice on all cleaning and training matters .

Hard Floor Care & Maintenance Course

Trainer : Jamie Pearson

hard floor cleaning

Jamie pearson on a training day on hard floor care and maintenance using a rotary scrubber

  • 4th Generation of my family involved in the cleaning and maintenance industry
  • began working part time during my school days on daily cleaning, flood restoration and specialist cleaning projects.
  • Training of Floorcare contractor network for flooring manufacturer by age of 17.
  • Responsible for delivery of major restoration projects from age of 19.
  • Managing portfolio exceeding 1,000,000m2 per annum maintained from age of 21.
  • Managing portfolio exceeding 1,000,000m2 per annum maintained from age of 21.These are the reasons I traveled a 300 mile round trip as Jamie is a expert in his field in not only hard floors but in how to acquire high end jobs and clients .

I would recommend that if you are interested in starting a hard floor restoration company , spend the day with Jamie First

Here is a couple of photos of Dans first restoration of a  very badly soiled and stained vinyl tiled floor, in a car showroom in the wakefield and barnsley area .

Badly soiled and stained vinyl floor restoration

Badly soiled and stained vinyl floor restoration

Badly stained and soiled vinyl tiles

Badly stained and soiled vinyl tiles, in a car showroom

Badly stained and soiled vinyl tiles

Badly stained and soiled vinyl tiles

after photo of a stripped and polished vinyl floor

after photo of a stripped and polished vinyl floor


after photo of a stripped and polished vinyl floor

after photo of a stripped and polished vinyl floor

Caravan Upholstery Cleaning

This week it has rained on and of every day , on tuesday I received a call to give a quote for some caravan cushions ,little did I know this was a residential caravan set in the woodland surrounding Nostell Priory near wakefield.

On arrival we had to transport all the machinery down small gravel paths and wet grass and then we had to work outside under cover from the pouring rain as you can see from the picture June was really happy about this.

Another problem no hot water , but I had brought with me the magma instant hot water heater which soon was providing steaming hot water out of my hand tool, which in conjunction with solutions shockwave and a 15 minute dwell time made short work of the build up dirt and grease left by over 8 years of use

June cleaning upholstery outside

June happy at her work

The moral of this is always go out and quote

How to remove Draught Marks and stains from a white carpet

I was brought this carpet by a gentleman who had lifted it from his on suite bathroom , his wife thought it was unclean-able so was looking to replace the carpet at great expense .

In desperation He brought it to me to try to save it , and his money.




White Carpet

Bathroom carpet after, cleaning with specialist carpet solution ,rust remover and hydrogen peroxide.

As you can see on the corners there is Rust marks left from condensation off the water pipes .

After a really good vacuum i treated the rust marks with Craftex rust remover and left to dwell, I then pre sprayed all the black spots thoroughly with a specialist Carpet solution that is made up of Enzymes, Solvents, Detergents.

Why is Enzymes important in a Carpet Cleaning solution?

  enzymes are  used in Carpet cleaning solutions to act on materials that make up various stains and Marks so that these stains and marks can be washed away more easily. The enzymes are named after the Stains they work on,   eg , proteases break down protein based stains, lipolases break down  (fat) based stains and amylases break down starches and other carbohydrate based stains  .   One enzyme molecule can act on lots of different based stains  (i.e.,oil) molecules, a small amount of enzyme added to a Carpet cleaning solution can Improve  cleaning massively  .
The solution is left to dwell for up to 40  Minutes , I have found the longer it is left , (without drying out )  the better the end result.
Afer sufficient dwell time the solution is extracted using a commercial twin vac Hot water extraction machine , using hot water and a acid Rinse or acetic acid found in Vinegar, using this helps prevent :
  • Rapid  re-soiling
  • Browning of the carpet fibres
  • Helps with drying
  • Leaves the fibres softer to the touch
  • Corrects the ph balance to the fibres preventing damage

After this process is complete, any grey spots left can be bleached out using hydrogen peroxide.

Always spot test first or better still Get a professional in to do the Job.
The Carpet is then dried quickly to prevent and wick back.
This is the end result;
By Neil Kelloway

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Upholstery Cleaning In Barnsley

Cleaning upholstery barnsley .
This sofa has been pre-sprayed with SPM this solution will break down all the soil and grease before hot water extraction, then Towel dried


By Neil Kelloway

Bs360 Vacuum cleaner

The Bs 360 vacuum cleaner is the best piece of equipment I have ever used.

When I first started carpet cleaning I used the Dyson but in one year I went through three of them.

They are made of Brittle plastic and when thrown  in and out of the van they break quite easily.image

The BS 360 is however is made very solidly and the one that I have now i have had for over 10 years and it looks as good as the day I first bought it. image

It is a bagged Vacuum cleaner ,

but has filtration levels up to hospital HEPA standard.

The BS 360 incorporates a detailing nozzle on the side of the Hoover which is easily removed and can pickle dirt and debris from along skirting boards and under sofas etc .

The brushes on the Bs360 are far longer than that Dysons and it has four level settings for hard floors and deep pile carpets

I would highly recommend one of these Hoovers for  use in your family home. once purchased the the bs360 will last you a lifetime


By Neil Kelloway


Restoration of a trashed Carpet

This carpet was subjected to abuse of builders in and out for over a week trampling in plaster, dirt , oil grease .

Shockwave made short work of it


By Neil Kelloway

How I became a Carpet Cleaner

Hi I first started carpet cleaning around 2002 after looking into doing window cleaning , but luckily i met a man called Martin Riley he had just transferred from reach and wash window cleaning and convinced me that carpet cleaning was the way to go as it was indoor work (good point).

And i’m glad i took Martins advice because carpet cleaning is a passion of me , and I think that is the root of all success you have to have passion for the job you do .

My first years carpet cleaning were in Cornwall which would see me travelling from port Isaac  to st Ives on the same day after 10 years of that I moved back to Royston and set up a working partnership with my best friend Colin Phillips.

We then set up Barnsley Carpet and upholstery cleaners , why Barnsley ? not Sheffield , Wakefield , Leeds Doncaster all bigger population , well its because we love barnsley people, anyone who has met me and Colin we know we like a laugh and we’ve found that so do Barnsley folk , so why travel .

Together we have developed our own system of carpet cleaning that cleans better than ever using new  solution technology developed by a company based in Cornwall, using their solutions and our application system we can have carpets clean fresh and dry in under a hour