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Bs360 Vacuum cleaner

The Bs 360 vacuum cleaner is the best piece of equipment I have ever used.

When I first started carpet cleaning I used the Dyson but in one year I went through three of them.

They are made of Brittle plastic and when thrown  in and out of the van they break quite easily.image

The BS 360 is however is made very solidly and the one that I have now i have had for over 10 years and it looks as good as the day I first bought it. image

It is a bagged Vacuum cleaner ,

but has filtration levels up to hospital HEPA standard.

The BS 360 incorporates a detailing nozzle on the side of the Hoover which is easily removed and can pickle dirt and debris from along skirting boards and under sofas etc .

The brushes on the Bs360 are far longer than that Dysons and it has four level settings for hard floors and deep pile carpets

I would highly recommend one of these Hoovers for  use in your family home. once purchased the the bs360 will last you a lifetime


By Neil Kelloway

Vacuum and clean your carpet for a Healthy home

Asthma  is on the increase and Lots of things can trigger symptoms, including allergens such as pollen or pet dander; mold;  dust mite droppings cockroach droppings; dust.

The house dust mite is a cosmopolitan guest in human habitation. Dust mites feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the stable environment of dwellings.

A regular program of vacuuming can significantly improve the indoor air quality, this followed by regular cleaning of carpets and soft furnishing will greatly contribute to a healthy home.
Carpets have been shown to act as a filter and reduce air borne dust, as hard flooring has become popular there been a rise in allergic reactions.

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a blocked up nose and a headache, It is more than likley caused by a allergic reaction to houshold dust mites.

The House Dust Mite are microscopic (up to 0.3 mm) arthropod creatures related to ticks and spiders. Too small to be seen with the naked eye the mites are turtle shaped creatures with eight legs. They live on the decaying dead skin flakes in house dust – skin that we shed every day. There is hardly a house in the UK without them, although the number can vary between houses containing huge numbers, and others almost none.

The Mites survival does not only depend on the amount of dust, but very much on the amount of humidity in the house.

Dust Mites live for 3-4 months with females laying 25 to 50 eggs, with a new generation produced every three weeks!

It is not the Mite that we become allergic to, but ironically it’s the waste product from our skin that they digest. In fact it is the powerful protein enzymes the mites digest our skin with, in a similar way to most creatures.

Each mite will produce around 20 droppings per day everywhere they go. Each of these droppings holds around 10-12 sub pellets that are about 2-10 micron in size and contain their leftover enzymes.

Cleaning mattress’s and all your bedding ,replacing your old pillows will give a great nights sleep with no blocked up feeling