Bs360 Vacuum cleaner

The Bs 360 vacuum cleaner is the best piece of equipment I have ever used.

When I first started carpet cleaning I used the Dyson but in one year I went through three of them.

They are made of Brittle plastic and when thrown  in and out of the van they break quite easily.image

The BS 360 is however is made very solidly and the one that I have now i have had for over 10 years and it looks as good as the day I first bought it. image

It is a bagged Vacuum cleaner ,

but has filtration levels up to hospital HEPA standard.

The BS 360 incorporates a detailing nozzle on the side of the Hoover which is easily removed and can pickle dirt and debris from along skirting boards and under sofas etc .

The brushes on the Bs360 are far longer than that Dysons and it has four level settings for hard floors and deep pile carpets

I would highly recommend one of these Hoovers for  use in your family home. once purchased the the bs360 will last you a lifetime


By Neil Kelloway

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