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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

This Blog will be about all the solution I have used or am using at the moment , and the way I use them .

My first choice is:



A eco friendly carpet cleaning solution

Mpower is my go to solution for the vast number of jobs that I do from Upholstery to pure wool Rugs.

The first product in the M-Power Range, which has been produced following extensive research and development by Solutions Ltd is manufactured here in the UK and meets or exceeds all currently known domestic and international regulatory standards.

It is therefore one of the most Eco-friendly cleaning solutions available with today’s technology. M-Power has been tested to ensure that all compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the operator or the environment are not present in this unique formulation.

Every product in the M-Power range uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. The result of this new technology is an amazing range of environmentally friendly and biologically active cleaning solutions, which clean without compromising performance or safety. Derived from renewable sources, M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is safe in use, storeage and disposal.

This unique product dilutes at an unbelievable 1:120 for normal carpet cleaning and provides a solution for environmentally aware companies and customers who appreciate and understand the need to use non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions in the cleaning process. Manufactured from 100% natural plant based materials.

M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, is:

  • Derived from renewable/sustainable sources
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Exhibits anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties thanks to its unique natural-molecular cleaning action.
  • Non-toxic to humans and pets
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Non-reactive with chemicals, such as chlorine bleach
  • Non-caustic – Non-combustible – Non-corrosive – Non-flammable – Non-fuming – Non-hazardous – Non-polluting

M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner contains:

  • NO ammonia
  • NO animal products
  • NO Bacteria or Enzymes
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO isopropyl alcohol
  • NO phosphates
  • NO solvents (apart from water)
  • NO synthetic chemicals
  • NO harmful ingredients
  • NO Soap or detergents

Mpower is best used fresh on each job due to its colloidal action .

I mix up my solution on the job with hand hot water and for general cleaning Mix it at 120/1.

After vacuuming the carpet or upholstery I then liberally spray the item with Mpower ,I then proceed with agitation this is to give a even coat to all the fibres of the active solution on carpets I use mechanical agitation with either a oreck or crb machine .

I have found that a 20 to 25 min dwell works best on most jobs , once the dwell is completed I then Extract Using Just Plain water ,which then leaves no sticky  residue that other detergent based solutions can .

Here is a picture of a carpet cleaned using Mpower

Mpower at work in wakefield

wool carpet cleaned using Mpower a eco friendly carpet cleaning solution

Rug Doctor V Professional carpet cleaner


Many people say they will clean their carpets with a Rug Doctor; after all, you can go to the supermarket and get a rug doctor for £30, right?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the detergent £9.99
And those spots probably need some kind of special remover. 
What about the Doggie smell and the urine stain that ‘Spot’ left for us? 
Don’t forget to grab the stair tool for the steps. 
All said and done it costs almost £50. Just check their website! £30 machine hire £9.99 detergent £9.99 Upholstery detergent £4.99 traffic lane cleaner that’s £54.97 and that’s just for a Basic clean . 
There is also the matter of your time and sweat. And picking up the equipment will take at LEAST 30 minutes, even if you live close by. 
Then, there is the cleaning and emptying and refilling the water which is probably 30 minutes a room. With 5 rooms and a hallway it will take about 4 hours before you can Sit back and relax.
 If you make £7.50 an hour (minimum wage) That’s £30, and the £54.97 you already paid out. Grand total = £94.97  What a great deal !!  We do full House’s from £95
Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners will clean rooms from £35 Plus discounts for any other rooms booked at the same time , and you get to lay back and watch someone else do the work. 
Not only that, but we have professional grade detergents and heat – lots of heat. Frankly, no Rug Doctor will be able to deliver the power like we can. Our floor  machine gives a deep agitation to loosen all dirt, and powerful vacuum that will leave your carpet Drier, reducing your “stay off the carpet time.” 
We also have the training and experience to get out many spots that if treated the wrong way will become permanent stains. 
When times are tight, the apparently cheaper option may not save you the most money. 
If not A Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners cleaning your carpets, make sure you use a professional carpet cleaner .
Rapid re-soiling caused by Rug Dr
Case Study 
Mrs Curran, Darton
“Hi  is that Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners, I’ve  Used a rug Dr and it looks clean , but it smells terrible and it wont go”.
On inspection Mrs Curran has done what most people do when they use the Rug Dr.
On areas that are dirtier than others, (walk ways) they wont come clean due to the process used by the Rug Dr ,So they go over it 3 ,4  5 times. 
This floods the area and the underlay .
The small vacuum motors on the Rug Dr cant extract the water that has penetrated to the carpet backing and underlay even the sub floor, it then wont dry and starts to build up with bacteria which the begins to smell .
  • we spray the carpet with  a antibacterial solution ,  and let it dwell
  • Then extract using twin vacuum carpet cleaning machine which recovers the solution and rinse’s the area.
  • We then dry the carpet with cotton pads on a rotary machine or a fan.
If  really bad flooding has occurred sometimes the carpet will need lifting, and the underlay discarding and then replaced 
 For All Your Rug Dr Problems Call Us  on    01226 891577      07414849136
By Neil Kelloway