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Rug Doctor V Professional carpet cleaner


Many people say they will clean their carpets with a Rug Doctor; after all, you can go to the supermarket and get a rug doctor for £30, right?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the detergent £9.99
And those spots probably need some kind of special remover. 
What about the Doggie smell and the urine stain that ‘Spot’ left for us? 
Don’t forget to grab the stair tool for the steps. 
All said and done it costs almost £50. Just check their website! £30 machine hire £9.99 detergent £9.99 Upholstery detergent £4.99 traffic lane cleaner that’s £54.97 and that’s just for a Basic clean . 
There is also the matter of your time and sweat. And picking up the equipment will take at LEAST 30 minutes, even if you live close by. 
Then, there is the cleaning and emptying and refilling the water which is probably 30 minutes a room. With 5 rooms and a hallway it will take about 4 hours before you can Sit back and relax.
 If you make £7.50 an hour (minimum wage) That’s £30, and the £54.97 you already paid out. Grand total = £94.97  What a great deal !!  We do full House’s from £95
Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners will clean rooms from £35 Plus discounts for any other rooms booked at the same time , and you get to lay back and watch someone else do the work. 
Not only that, but we have professional grade detergents and heat – lots of heat. Frankly, no Rug Doctor will be able to deliver the power like we can. Our floor  machine gives a deep agitation to loosen all dirt, and powerful vacuum that will leave your carpet Drier, reducing your “stay off the carpet time.” 
We also have the training and experience to get out many spots that if treated the wrong way will become permanent stains. 
When times are tight, the apparently cheaper option may not save you the most money. 
If not A Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners cleaning your carpets, make sure you use a professional carpet cleaner .
Rapid re-soiling caused by Rug Dr
Case Study 
Mrs Curran, Darton
“Hi  is that Barnsley carpet and upholstery cleaners, I’ve  Used a rug Dr and it looks clean , but it smells terrible and it wont go”.
On inspection Mrs Curran has done what most people do when they use the Rug Dr.
On areas that are dirtier than others, (walk ways) they wont come clean due to the process used by the Rug Dr ,So they go over it 3 ,4  5 times. 
This floods the area and the underlay .
The small vacuum motors on the Rug Dr cant extract the water that has penetrated to the carpet backing and underlay even the sub floor, it then wont dry and starts to build up with bacteria which the begins to smell .
  • we spray the carpet with  a antibacterial solution ,  and let it dwell
  • Then extract using twin vacuum carpet cleaning machine which recovers the solution and rinse’s the area.
  • We then dry the carpet with cotton pads on a rotary machine or a fan.
If  really bad flooding has occurred sometimes the carpet will need lifting, and the underlay discarding and then replaced 
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By Neil Kelloway

How to clean your own carpets

Cleaning a carpet : we must follow 4 principles

1. Chemical.
Your chemical must be a dedicated carpet cleaning solution , and choose the correct one for the fiber construction of your carpet, wool carpets should no more than 5.5 ph , use up to 10.5 on heavily soiled polypropylene carpets

2. Agitation.
Helps distribute cleaning agents for maximum soil suspension and removal.
To use a cleaning solution without any agitation would require an increase in cleaning solution temperature, a stronger cleaning chemical and or more time

3. Temperature.
To use a cold cleaning solution would require an increase in agitation, chemical action and or time.

4. Time
To minimize time to perform a cleaning task would require an increase in cleaning solution temperature, more agitation, and or a stronger cleaning product

When using this method , there is some points to follow.
Do not over wet , do not keep going over the same spot , as all you will do is soak the carpet and cause wick back.(Where a under lying stain returns through wicking)
Also put the correct dilution amounts of chemical into your spray , or severe re-soiling will happen

Items needed

• yard brush
• Carpet solution
• A sprayer for your solution
• White vinegar (optional)
• A Carpet cleaning machine ie; Vax, Rug doctor, Bissell

The vinegar acts as a deodoriser and helps to extract all the detergent residue, and organic soiling.
It also softens the fibres whilst neutralizing and rinsing all detergent out of the carpet.

Leaving it cleaner and smelling fresher longer.

Steps to follow

1. vacuum your carpet well , do it north to south then west to east slowly , as up to 80% of dirt is dry organic soil

2. Spray your chosen Carpet cleaning chemical onto carpet at recommended dilution rate. it should be enough just to dampen the carpet fibres.

use one of these to lightly spray the area to be cleaned

use one of these to lightly spray the area to be cleaned

Do not be tempted to put more than the recommended amount as this can cause rapid resoling issues.

3. Agitate chemical well into the carpet with a stiff clean yard brush. give it a good scrub , but not to much as it could cause fibre damage to wool carpets

lightly agite the solution int o the area to be cleaned

lightly agite the solution int o the area to be cleaned

4. Leave for 15 to 25 minutes depending on soiling , don’t let it dry out though

5. put plain hot water(not boiling) in your machine. Add a dash of white vinegar about 10ml per litre .DO NOT put any cleaning chemical in your machine just vinegar and hot water, the vinegar smell will disappear in 10 to 15 minutes

6. Extract using machine

7. Open windows and turn heating on if a wet or cold day.
Carpets should be dry in 2 to 4 hours .
You can help the drying process further by toweling the carpet , this works very well on stair carpeting as it stops wick back caused by very heavy soiling on the bottom 3 steps.
Nb we use Non detergent based products