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How to remove a Blood Stain Dried or fresh

Blood Stain Removal 

This week the main topic amongst carpet cleaners has been the best way to remove blood stains, this has mainly to do with dried blood stains .

I will list here what I think are the best solutions first.    Never apply Hot Water to blood it will set the stain

  1. If You Have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner extract it using this then rinse with cold water until clear.Just blot with cotton towelling if you haven’t got a wet vac.
  2. if it has dried and flushing it with cold water has left a red mark , mix some enzyme detergent (Ariel,Daz,Tide) in warm water and allow to cool , apply this once cooled  and allow to dwell.
  3. Sometimes a slight orange hew is left this is the iron from the blood this can be removed with application of rust remover.
  4. If this fails use some peroxide 3%to 9% and let it dwell , keep a eye on it as it will bleach if left to long ,this works best on lighter coloured carpets .
Blood stain on a suite

Dried in Blood contamination

Dried blood stain removed from suite

Blood removed after above procedure

By Neil Kelloway

Cleaning Traffic Lanes

Traffic lanes are areas of carpet that become heavily soiled and worn , due to the heavy traffic over just one certain area .

The soil becomes embedded and the grit sand and soil removes a protective layer that surrounds the fibre , this stops the light from reflecting and leaves the area of carpet looking dull and worn .

To clean areas like this we  use different stages , after testing the fibres to identify what fibre it is follow these stages .

  • Plug your machine in and switch your heater on
  1.  Give the carpet a good brush with a carpet brush or stiff broom, rotary,crb (Contra rotating brushes)
  2. Vacuum the area thoroughly , going north, south, west and east
  3. Apply your chosen carpet cleaning solution (hot)
  4. Allow the solution to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes ( Do not agitate yet)
  5. Agitate with your chosen method , now leave this again to dwell 5 to 10 mins
  6. pre spray the area again , checking all the time that you are not our wetting the area .
  7. Allow the solution to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes then agitate once more

The reason to do this is to change the state of the soils and grease that lay on the carpet , they are solids, and we are attempting to change this into a soluble solution that can be easily extracted .

Traffic lanes

Removing soiling from traffic lanes



By Neil Kelloway



Rug Doctor V Professional carpet cleaner

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Many people say they will clean their carpets with a Rug Doctor; after all, you can go to the supermarket and get a rug doctor for £30, right?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the detergent £9.99
And those spots probably need some kind of special remover. 
What about the Doggie smell and the urine stain that ‘Spot’ left for us? 
Don’t forget to grab the stair tool for the steps. 
All said and done it costs almost £50. Just check their website! £30 machine hire £9.99 detergent £9.99 Upholstery detergent £4.99 traffic lane cleaner that’s £54.97 and that’s just for a Basic clean . 
There is also the matter of your time and sweat. And picking up the equipment will take at LEAST 30 minutes, even if you live close by. 
Then, there is the cleaning and emptying and refilling the water which…

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How to clean your own carpet with a household wet extraction cleaner

How to clean your own carpet with a household wet extraction cleaner.

Urine odours

This video explains exactly how urine penetrates into your carpet then into your underlay and finally into your sub floor, and how to deal with it.

How to start your own carpet cleaning business

How to start your own carpet cleaning business.

How to remove Nail Varnish / polish from a carpet, or fabric

The best way to remove small amount of nail varnish is with acetone.

  1. Put some acetone in a dish

    Red Nail Varnish

    Removing Nail polish with acetone

  2. Dip a cotton bud and dab it on the nail varnish
  3. do not over wet the area with acetone or it will spread, or come in contact with the backing as it can de-laminate the fibres from the backing
  4. Carefully blot and re-apply until it has all gone
  5. Rinse area after

On big areas, contact a professional carpet cleaner

By Neil Kelloway on Google +

Value for Money Carpet cleaning Phone Call

I had a strange Call Last week from a gentleman , He wanted a quote for 3 bedrooms , 2 sets of stairs a hallway and a living room,  and oh living room carpet has some blood on it .

So I quoted him over £100 for them all doing and Guaranteed him if the blood didn’t come out he would not pay.

He then says well I had a quote of someone who did the living room for £65 , So I said” well Id Go with him then” ” I cant do it for that”.

He replies “yeah but he couldn’t get the stains out” .

I explained that I had invested thousands in top quality commercial machinery and a New van .

“Oh this lad Just turns up in a p reg Vw polo and has a vax”.

The Moral is You get what You Pay for

If your are going to get your carpets cleaned in the Barnsley or Wakefield areas or anywhere in fact then here a few questions to ask .

  1. Is this your full time Job ( some come and go never to be seen again) any problems you can always get hold of the f/t Cleaner
  2. Does your machine heat the water ( the higher the heat the better the clean and the quicker it dries,on polypropylene type carpets)
  3. Has your machine got twin vacuums( if they haven’t they will leave lots more water in your carpet, then may take days to dry)
  4. Do you have a commercial rotary Machine or CRB to agitate the pile
  5. Do you use the latest formula solutions ( some use washing powder)

“It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When
you pay too much, you lose a little money – that’s all. When you pay
too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you
bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The
common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a
lot – it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well
to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will
have enough to pay for something better.”

“John Ruskin”

By Neil Kelloway


How to remove Draught Marks and stains from a white carpet

I was brought this carpet by a gentleman who had lifted it from his on suite bathroom , his wife thought it was unclean-able so was looking to replace the carpet at great expense .

In desperation He brought it to me to try to save it , and his money.




White Carpet

Bathroom carpet after, cleaning with specialist carpet solution ,rust remover and hydrogen peroxide.

As you can see on the corners there is Rust marks left from condensation off the water pipes .

After a really good vacuum i treated the rust marks with Craftex rust remover and left to dwell, I then pre sprayed all the black spots thoroughly with a specialist Carpet solution that is made up of Enzymes, Solvents, Detergents.

Why is Enzymes important in a Carpet Cleaning solution?

  enzymes are  used in Carpet cleaning solutions to act on materials that make up various stains and Marks so that these stains and marks can be washed away more easily. The enzymes are named after the Stains they work on,   eg , proteases break down protein based stains, lipolases break down  (fat) based stains and amylases break down starches and other carbohydrate based stains  .   One enzyme molecule can act on lots of different based stains  (i.e.,oil) molecules, a small amount of enzyme added to a Carpet cleaning solution can Improve  cleaning massively  .
The solution is left to dwell for up to 40  Minutes , I have found the longer it is left , (without drying out )  the better the end result.
Afer sufficient dwell time the solution is extracted using a commercial twin vac Hot water extraction machine , using hot water and a acid Rinse or acetic acid found in Vinegar, using this helps prevent :
  • Rapid  re-soiling
  • Browning of the carpet fibres
  • Helps with drying
  • Leaves the fibres softer to the touch
  • Corrects the ph balance to the fibres preventing damage

After this process is complete, any grey spots left can be bleached out using hydrogen peroxide.

Always spot test first or better still Get a professional in to do the Job.
The Carpet is then dried quickly to prevent and wick back.
This is the end result;
By Neil Kelloway

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How long does it take a Carpet to dry

There is a lot of variables , a quick answer is anything from 5 to 12 hours


This plays a large part in how long , a natural fibre tends to take longer due to holding more moisture than man made fibres.

Heavily soiled carpets

With heavily soiled carpets more pre- spray will need to be used, and more passes with the the hot water extraction machine will be need to flush away the soiling.

The weather

If its raining the it will take longer due to the atmosphere being full , and on a nice breezy dry day not as long .

What you can do

Opening windows , Turning your heating on , Turning on fans , Opening doors on both side of your home to cause a through draught and good airflow will all help to shorten the drying time

A professional carpet cleaner will bring large floor fans with him to aide faster drying times .

Never close all your doors and windows and leave the house for long periods when the carpets are not dry , as this can cause mould and smell problems

By Neil Kelloway