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Carpet and upholstery cleaning, all aspects of carpet cleaning ,commercial carpets and domestic .
Also Leather cleaning and fabric Upholstery Cleaning, and Vehicle Upholstery.
We Cover from sheffield upto wakefield as we are Based in barnsley.

Carpet Cleaning from arriving to finishing

This is a brief outline of how to clean a carpet from arriving at the customers Door 

  1. Knock on the door , and take two paces back , no one likes someone in their face 
  2. Introduce yourself and confirm that work that is to be carried out 
  3. Inspect all carpets and identify what the construction is , wool, nylon, polypropylene etc do a burn test if needed
  4. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly noting any burns, stains , bad fitting or areas of concern and point these out to the customer before starting to apply pre-spray.
  5. choose the solution best suited to the carpet to be cleaned On wool I nearly always use a wool safe product which is low ph. mix your  chosen solution fresh every time with warm to hot water unless direction say otherwise. always follow dilution guides 
  6. Spray the solution onto the carpet( apply more to the dirtier areas and less to the clean areas) and allow to dwell for a few minutes then agitate using either a carpet brush or use a crb, sebo duo or rotary with a shampoo brush attached , then allow to dwell a further 10 to 15 mins . check all the edges for draught marks and agitate 
  7. Set up your equipment  adding acid rinse to your tank if needed , and then begin extracting using over lapping with your wand and use plenty of dry strokes 
  8. Once completed check for any stains left and and filter lines that are left apply separate solutions to this if not completely gone such as prochem filter out, always flush out any other product you apply to the carpet
  9. Groom the carpet and dry using turbo Dryers if needed

Eco Carpet cleaning Solution

This week I picked up a large tub of Mpower from a friend Nick Robertson-vousden down in Cornwall.

Nick owns world of clean and has been at the forefront of new carpet cleaning solutions that are safe to the environment and also kids ,pets.

I have been using Mpower all week the the results have been truly amazing, here is the description of  Mpower


M-power is one of the most Eco-friendly cleaning solutions available . M-Power has been tested to ensure that all compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the operator or the environment are not present in this unique formulation.

Every product in the M-Power range uses powerful natural-molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. The result of this new technology is an amazing range of environmentally friendly and biologically active cleaning solutions, which clean without compromising performance or safety. Derived from renewable sources, M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is safe in use, storage and disposal.

Manufactured from 100% natural plant based materials.

M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, is:

  • Derived from renewable/sustainable sources
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Exhibits anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties thanks to its unique natural-molecular cleaning action.
  • Non-toxic to humans and pets
  • Non-toxic to aquatic life
  • Non-reactive with chemicals, such as chlorine bleach
  • Non-caustic – Non-combustible – Non-corrosive – Non-flammable – Non-fuming – Non-hazardous – Non-polluting


M-Power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner contains:

  • NO ammonia
  • NO animal products
  • NO Bacteria or Enzymes
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO isopropyl alcohol
  • NO phosphates
  • NO solvents (apart from water)
  • NO synthetic chemicals
  • NO harmful ingredients
  • NO Soap or detergents

Its a great product but does need to be mixed to the correct dilution at 120-1 in hot or warm water and using mechanical agitation also helps that could be done by a sebo duo , crb or rotaryImage

Also I find that a 15 to 20 minute dwell time after agitation helps , before extracting with just plain water . 

This product also deodorises as well as cleaning and breaking stains down , I also use it on upholstery and use toweling mitt and light brushing for agitation 


Guide to flooding and how to avoid it

Here is a  guide to the cost of flooding and how to avoid it supplied by ” David Hur”  from ” My Alarm Center ” 



New Starter

Its never to early to learn a new skill


Caravan Upholstery Cleaning

This week it has rained on and of every day , on tuesday I received a call to give a quote for some caravan cushions ,little did I know this was a residential caravan set in the woodland surrounding Nostell Priory near wakefield.

On arrival we had to transport all the machinery down small gravel paths and wet grass and then we had to work outside under cover from the pouring rain as you can see from the picture June was really happy about this.

Another problem no hot water , but I had brought with me the magma instant hot water heater which soon was providing steaming hot water out of my hand tool, which in conjunction with solutions shockwave and a 15 minute dwell time made short work of the build up dirt and grease left by over 8 years of use

June cleaning upholstery outside

June happy at her work

The moral of this is always go out and quote


Using a Magma heater and Airflex extractor to Deep clean upholstery in Rotherham

We managed to clean this Suite back to nearly new by using micro splitters which is a eco product that is non detergent based cleaning solution.
We also invested in a small box that you may notice in front of our new upholstery machine it’s called a magma heater , and it Instantly heats the water used to rinse out the dirt, grease and head oils up to 110 degrees, which is steaming hot. this little box cost over £500 and it’s great at cutting through those grease and oils.

if you ever wondered how some carpet cleaners charges can vary so much well this is the reason they buy cheap solutions. and cheap underpowered machines that don’t deep clean or extract all the moisture, so you end up with a cheap job with poor results. we stive to invest in products that are the best that are available , so we are constantly looking for new solutions , more powerful machines , so that we can deliver a quality service that keeps customer returning year after year.

Magma heater and Airflex extractor

Magma heater and Air flex extractor.
Used on a suite clean in south yorkshire

Sofa Cleaned before and after photo

Two seater sofa cleaned using non detergent based upholstery solution

Heres another that we cleaned in Wakefield

Upholstery cleaning

A Flat weave sofa before and after cleaning


5 reasons You Shouldn’t do DIY Carpet cleaning

5  Reasons you shouldn’t clean your own carpets


Here is a list of reasons not to clean your own carpet ,but hire a professional with the correct Machinery and training. Here is what is in my Van

No 1. It’s Hard Work

To achieve a Deep clean to remove maximum Soiling and stains requires a lot of processes.

Moving furniture, Vacuuming, pre-spraying, agitation,extraction ,filling and emptying ,collecting ,returning and cleaning equipment


No 2.  It Will cost you more

Bissell, vaxs, etc cost from £100 to £300 and don’t do a very good job( they are of for spills and small areas). As lots of my regulars customers have found out and renting a Rug Doctor costs time money and effort,extra cleaning solutions,spotters for stains it all adds up



No 3. You could damage your carpet

Anything from shrinking to delamination over wetting, fibre damage mold all of these will ruin your carpets.

A professional carpet cleaner has the knowledge ,experience and equipment to avoid with all these outcomes


No 4. You will make them dirtier

Using too much detergent not extracting enough solution  all-cause rapid  resoiling which can permanently damage your carpet.

Bissels,vax and rug drs haven’t got enough power to adequately rinse and recover all the cleaning solution ,and at best all give a surface clean,which resoils quickly



Rapeid resoiled carpet

rapid resoiling caused by , not extracting all of the detergent or neutralising it

No 5. It’s a waste of your time

Your time is precious why waste up to 8hrs (for a full house) cleaning your carpets, when you can hire a professional and have it done in a quarter of the time and better.

Here are some pictures of diy carpet cleaning in  the wakefield & barnsley areas that I have been called to sort out . if you found this interesting please like our facebook page in the top left hand corner ,Thanks

Rug Dr re-soiling lines

wakefield diy disaster


over wetting

Picture 257

To much detergent


inadequate rinsing


Whats In My Barnsley Carpet Cleaning Van

One thing I love when I go to carpet cleaning road shows is looking in other carpet cleaners Vans,

Vw Caddy 2.0 Tdi

Vw Caddy 2.0 Tdi return 50 mpg fully loaded

so heres a list of items I Carry in my van whilst out on the roads of   Barnsley and Wakefield,wombwell and rotherham

  1. Hot Water extraction Machine . Its a Alltec 40, the 40 means it holds 40 litres of water.

    Alltec 40

    Alltec 40
    hot water extraction machine

  2. Taski ranger low speed rotary plus scrub brush, shampoo
    Slow speed Buffer

    Taski ranger slow speed Rotary Buffer

    brush,various different pads for Lm cleaning.

  3. Twin jet wand
  4. 2 x 75 foot lengths of vacuum hose this will be enough to run the machine from out side and still reach all the rooms in a std 3 bed semi.
  5. 2 x 75 foot of high pressure solution hoses
  6. A sebo 36 vacuum cleaner
  7. Towels about 5 of various sizes
  8. Carpet brush
  9. Upholstery hand tool
  10. 2 x buckets one for dirty water one for clean
  11. 25 litre container ,I use this to carry hot water ,saves time and somtimes there is no water or heating at some homes
  12. Solutions I carry a basic amount due to space.  shockwave a high ph powder used for very dirty and greasy carpets ,Dynamall a dry clean solution, and spm for most general  cleans

    Carpet cleaning dry cleaning solution

    Dynamall dry carpet cleaning solution

  13. spotters,  acetone, surgical spirits,rust remover, white spirits,peroxide 9%,a ph neutral detergent , a enzyme detergent
  14. receipt book,cards pens
  15. Iphone 4s great for taking pics, built in sat nav links to google
  16. First aid kit
  17. jump leads
  18. 15 metres extension cable
  19. small  electric tyre pump
  20. then odds and sods like knife , spanner screwdriver , bottled water
  21. Pump up sprayer
  22. Magma instant water heater , turns cold water into 110 degrees of heat in two mins.
  23. Prochem Pro 35 crb dry and wet cleaner for agitation and encapsulation cleaning.


    Debris and hairs removed by pro 35 from a rug after vacuuming  

 And here is some I keep for back up and commercial work


Magma heater and airflex extractor

air flex mini and magna instant heater



Rotowash crb


power flyte

power flyte Hot water extraction machine

sebo duo and sebo 36 Vac

sebo duo and sebo vac

Magma heater

Magma heater turns cold water hot very fast

Vac and solution hose

Vac and solution hose 3 lengths will allow you to complete most 3 bed house with the machine left outside


Dry Carpet cleaning

I,ve got a dry carpet clean to perform today in hoyland near wombwell , and I must say it never ceases to amaze me how well it works .

I really dont know why I don’t use it all the time as it cures a lot of issues (wick Back) that Hwe (hot water extraction ) can cause if not used correctly.

The solution i am using today is called Dynamall which is a encapsulation product .

First I will vac the carpet very slowly and thoroughly ,once that is completed i will mix the Dynamall at 10-1 ratio in hand hot water ,then apply it liberally and allow to dwell for 5 mins .

I then use a slow speed 175 rpm buffer with a shampoo brush or crb  and begin to agite the solution into the carpet ,the product mixes its self with any remaining dirt and encapsulates it drying to a polymer which is then vacuumed up at the next clean.

sometimes I finish off with a pad on the buffer this helps with drying time but generally most carpets are dry in under a hour

This product also breaks down stains using oxi-boost and deodorises and also stain guards once dry all in one process.

coffee stain removal

Coffee stain removed using Dynamall dry carpet cleaning solution

Dry Cleaned Carpet

dry cleaned carpet using Dynamall


God I love LM (Low Moisture)


By Neil Kelloway



Why Does My carpet get dirty so fast after I have Cleaned it?

Why Does Your carpet get dirty so fast after You have Cleaned it?


The reason is Two things

 No 1. chemical application, Most household cleaners and rug doctors advise putting the chemical into the rinse water tank.

This leaves residue in your carpets which becomes sticky ,then you walk on it and the dirt sticks to the carpet

No 2. Your machine doesn’t have the power or flushing capabilities that a professional machine has,the power in a pro machine allows for all the detergent and dirt to be flushed away also a professional carpet cleaner will add a acid rinse to his water which will neutralise any detergent in the carpet bringing it to a safe ph level.

Cheap carpet cleaners

If you see ads for cheap carpet cleaning, avoid this as they use high ph cleaners that are way to soapy, and low powered machines that don’t deep clean your carpets or rinse away all that soap they have put in your carpets , 

If you think it looks clean when they have done ,thats because the product they use has a product in it called optical brighteners which reflect the light back at you this doesn’t last long as the residue is sticky and attracts dirt